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Awkward Label of the Day: Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter

First of all, Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter is just plain tasty! If you haven’t already tried it, I heartily encourage you to do so. However, the description on the label is not quite so appetizing. The description says “A deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits.” Now, there is nothing […]

That’s funny! Humor in Business Content

As a technical communicator, I spend a lot of time studying proper document construction. There are rules and suggestions for just about everything from paragraph formation to punctuation choices. However, most writers and editors will admit that there is also an intangible art to crafting business-related content. And part of that art includes knowing when […]

NATO—A Case of Mistaken (Acronym) Identity

Everyone who lives or works in Chicago is painfully aware that the 2012 NATO Summit will be at McCormick Place later this month. It is probably going to cause a lot of traffic disturbances and other inconveniences. But, this event will only last a couple days, so we can handle it. Rather than worrying about […]

Quick Tip for Writer’s Block—Be Boring

Writer’s block doesn’t just strike those intrepid souls writing the next Twilight or Harry Potter. It can strike those of us writing nonfiction, also. In response, many people suggest doing something unusual to cure writer’s block, such as sitting at a different Starbucks than the one you normally haunt or writing at a different time of […]

Biting the Bullet—When to Use Bullet Points in Business Writing

In the last post, I discussed creating effective bullet points using parallel construction. But, where should you actually use bullet points? Bullets are commonly found in resumes, brochures, and on websites.  These are all good locations; however, the use of bullets is sometimes underutilized in lengthier documentation, such as case studies, white papers, and proposals. […]