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These Songs “Ain’t” Wrong—A Personal Thought on Irregular Grammar in Music

Nearly everyone knows that ain’t is the epitome of irregular grammar. It should never be used in business writing. I argue that this lowly contraction should also be avoided like swine flu in all other forms of communication—whether you are having a face-to-face conversation with coworkers, texting your best friend, or chatting with your grandmother […]

Are We Visiting the Drive-Thru or the Drive-Through?

The confusion surrounding the words “through” and “thru” is enough to make anyone want to relax with a greasy burger and some fries. According to most dictionaries, “through” is the proper spelling, while “thru” is an informal variant. However, the use of “thru” has become so common in certain contexts that using “through” now feels […]

The Erroneous Apostrophe—Is It Plural or Possessive?

A few weeks ago, I read a syndicated article in the Chicago Tribune concerning erroneous apostrophes.  The article centered on the common yet incorrect usage of apostrophes to indicate plurality. Apparently this is a widespread mistake among fruit and vegetable sellers at farmers’ markets. Although there are a few exceptions, apostrophes generally signal possession or ownership. […]