Archives for August 2012

Five Editing Tips and the Document Death Spiral

Have you ever edited a document several times, confident that you caught every typo and misplaced semicolon? But then you decide to give the piece one last go-round and you find an obvious typo that you missed? I have too! To avoid that frustration, here are my top five editing tips: 1. Play the waiting […]

Harold Washington Library Center — A Great Place to Write in Chicago

I visit the Harold Washington Library quite often, so I thought I would share a few pictures of the giant owls perched on the roof. If you are downtown Chicago and you need a place to read, write, or just relax, consider this library. It is located on the corner of State Street and Van […]

How Many Rounds of Editing are Enough?

Editing is a technical process, but it is also an art form (to some of us, at least!) And like most creative endeavors, there is no official rule for how long editing should take or how many times it should be repeated. This freedom leaves many people wondering when they should put down the red […]

Keep It Clean–Avoid the Undefined “It” Pronoun

The way we use words in everyday communication often fails within business writing. A prime example is the undefined it (technically called an unprecursed it). But, what is an undefined it,  you ask? Before we delve into the details, please see the excerpts below from the fictitious assembly manual for the Generic Chair (proudly manufactured […]