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The Boring Store–Chicago’s Greatest Window Signage?

Normally, I would cringe at such verbose marketing communication; however, The Boring Store’s window display in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood is fantastic. It reads: The Boring Store is absolutely, positively, unmistakably beyond a shadow of a doubtly, certifiably, fahrenheitally, categorically, conspicuously, trans-fat-freely, quite obviously, prehensilely, indubitably, most certainly NOT A SECRET AGENT STORE. Deliberately  coy […]

Just a Little Bit Off Topic: Battered Employee, the Cure for the Common Business Blog

Whether we operate from a cubical, a corner office, or a table at Starbucks, we can all feel a bit battered by organizational interactions, behaviors, norms, beliefs, and systems–also known as corporate culture. The topic of corporate culture is a favorite talking-point for MBA students, executives, and business journalists. However, the new blog Battered Employee […]

Totally, Absolutely, Completely Off Topic: Take a Romantic, Suspenseful Journey Down Black Creek Burning

POST UPDATED: Book cover image updated February 10, 2013. Buckle your seat belts and stash that red pen, we’re taking a wild ride off topic: Are you a romance novel enthusiast? I have to admit, I am not a fan or even a casual admirer. Now, I enjoy a juicy story just as much as […]

Editing Tips for Very Short Documents

In a perfect world, we would have ample time to formally edit everything we write. From lengthy quarterly reports to casual emails, we would ensure that participles never dangle, metaphors never mix, and all misspellings are instantly vaporized. But, that’s not reality–sometimes we just have to get the message out, and fast! So, how do […]