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Balance Your Video Content with Writing–and Awkward Group Dancing

Do you recognize that old school technology in the picture? Video sure has come a long way since VHS! Yesterday, I read a web article touting the importance of Internet-based video within content marketing. While video is certainly a powerful business tool, after reading the article, I had to wonder: Why is a discussion about […]

Parking Lots, Minimalist Communication In Action

Recently, my apartment complex closed off a large chunk of the parking lot for repaving. Since the residents here don’t have assigned parking, this created a mad scramble for the remaining spaces. In the midst of this drama, an interesting thing happened: People started making up their own parking rules. Unfortunately, those rules included parking […]

Business Blog Communication Styles: From Three-Piece Suits to Jeans

Blogs originated as Internet-based diaries, but they have quickly evolved into podiums for business advancement. In fact, some blogging evangelists say that every business must blog. While I disagree with this blanket assertion, I do believe that blogging is beneficial for the majority of businesses because it is a low-cost, accessible way to connect with […]

Writing-Related Public Art: Dinosaurs, Dolphins, and a Sundial, Oh My!

Chicago is known for its fantastic public art such as the two bronze lions guarding the Art Institute, the Bean* delighting the masses in Millennium Park, and Buckingham Fountain showering Grant Park. However, Chicago also hosts an abundance of lesser-known pieces, which also serve to brighten our fair city despite the fact that they do […]