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Jumpstart the New Year with a File Naming Protocol

Content management is the process of managing content–no shock there, right? There are numerous methodologies and software packages available for large and small-scale needs. However, one of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to begin content management is to establish a file naming protocol, which is simply a guideline for file labeling. Whether you are creating […]

A Closing Thought on Minimalist Communication (For Now): The Peanuts Visit the Museum of Science and Industry

I am a huge fan of both The Peanuts and the Museum of Science and Industry, so when the museum opened Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit, I jumped on the first available train to Hyde Park. And it was worth the trip! The exhibit provides a broad overview of the life of The Peanuts’ […]

Word Count versus Efficiency:
Graduating from Academic Bloat to Business Brevity

Do you remember those dreaded five-page essays in high school English? If you were anything like me, you’d widen your page margins and switch from the default Times New Roman font to Arial because Arial is just a little bit bigger.  Or, if typing wasn’t required, your handwriting would suddenly go from tiny scratches to […]