Totally, Absolutely, Completely Off Topic: R.T. Wolfe Returns with Even More Intrigue and Romance

Flying in Shadows by R.T. WolfePlease indulge me as we take another wild ride off topic into the land of fiction…

As mentioned in my previous post about Black Creek Burning, I’ve never been a fan of romance novels.   However, R.T. Wolfe has certainly opened my eyes to the fact that good—no, great—writing is emerging from the genre.

Flying in Shadows is the second book in the Black Creek series. R.T. has once again intertwined fascinating, believable characters in a story brimming with love and danger. But while many authors already sound formulaic by their second effort, R.T. has crafted an exciting, fresh plot that recalls its predecessor without mimicry or repetition.  This skillful effect allows the reader to fall right back into the beautiful landscape of the Northeast while still being surprised at every turn.

Flying in Shadows and Black Creek Burning are both available in eBook format through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Both books are also slated for print publication this spring.

So, I will stand up and admit it: R.T. has done the impossible. She has turned a judgmental literature snob (ahem, me) into a romance novel fan. What’s next, editing in green ink?


For more information about R.T. Wolfe and the Black Creek series, please visit the links below:

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Black Creek Burning at Barnes & Noble

Flying in Shadows Official Video Trailer

Black Creek Burning Official Video Trailer


Note: This is not a sponsored post. This is my real opinion, which I am sharing purely for the promotion of good writing, be it technical, instructional, marketing…or even fiction.


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  1. Thank you, Erin. I appreciate your continued interest and support in my work. I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed your trips to Black Creek.
    -R.T. Wolfe

    • You are very welcome, R.T.! I should have also mentioned in my post that I think your book covers are very classy. I appreciate the fact that they focus on the strong female characters.

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