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Warning! This Post Contains a Startling Confession

I enjoy Facebook memes, particularly those featuring a cute or grumpy animal. Lately I’ve noticed several memes about book hoarding. Reading enthusiasts are portrayed as proud owners of towering bookshelves groaning under the pressure of hundreds, if not thousands, of epic tomes. As a writer, I am also an enthusiastic reader because there is absolutely no […]

The Slow Evolution of Pronouns, Part 2

I’m sure the anticipation has been killing you (humor me), so without further ado, part two: Last week’s post discussed the slow evolution of pronouns, particularly gendered personal pronouns. As mentioned, past English speakers used he and his to represent a subject of unknown gender; however, as times change, so do our perceptions of politically correct […]

The Slow Evolution of Pronouns, Part 1

As I move into my second year of blogging, I decided to review my site statistics from the last twelve months. The review showed that my two most-read posts both involve pronouns: Keep It Clean–Avoid the Undefined “It” Pronoun Compound Possessive Pronoun Strings, or Who Owns that Dog, Anyway? Despite the relative success of these two posts […]

Happy National Grammar Day, Casimir Pulaski Day, and …

Did you think today was just another Monday? No way! Today is National Grammar Day, the day when grammarians nationwide dress up as the famous lexicographer Samuel Johnson, author of the first widely-accepted comprehensive English dictionary published in 1755. Okay, so maybe we don’t actually dress up as Samuel Johnson…some of us prefer to don […]