How to Format Money in General Business Writing

Everyone handles money differently: Some people budget it down to the last cent. Some people spend it as if they’ve never seen a rainy day. And, some people bury it in the backyard. Just as everyone handles money differently, you can format money differently depending on the amount and the nature of your text. Here […]

Tips for Handling Unwanted Editing and Writing Advice

As a business and nonfiction copy editor, I provide unvarnished (but still polite) editing and writing advice for my clients. But another part of my job is less direct: I talk with people about their relationship with writing so I can customize my approach to their professional or personal needs. Unsurprisingly, many people have negative […]

My Top Five Posts from 2014

At the dawn of the new year, each day unfolds before us like crisp, blank pages in a fresh notebook! And as we begin to write the next chapters of our personal and professional lives on those clean sheets, we should also take stock of our past writing and editing accomplishments. As I look back […]

Typo Roundup 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, it’s time for typo roundup! During the annual typo roundup, we bravely acknowledge the fact that typos happen to everyone from individual writers to professionals in academic institutes and large media corporations.* Therefore, we must never rest in our lifelong battle against the sneaky villains that […]

Tips for Conducting a Successful Marketing Interview

When you think of interviews, you may reminisce about Barbara Walters making celebrities cry. Or, maybe you flash back to David Frost’s 1977 interview series with Richard Nixon. But interviews don’t have to be limited to televised entertainment or political journalism. In fact, the print interview format can be an effective marketing tool because it […]

An Overview of Midwest Writing, Editing, and Publishing Groups

Those of us who live in the Midwest have a little secret: The Midwest is awesome. We have the Great Lakes, bustling cities, and stunning rural landscapes. We enjoy four beautiful seasons—sometimes all in the same day. And of course, we have the best food and nicest people. (Okay, I’ll admit that as a Midwest […]

Solving the Apostrophe S Puzzle: Guidelines for Possession, Contractions, and Plurals

Errant apostrophe s’s can infiltrate anything—even game shows. In fact, a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune featured the questionable phrase “Someone’s knocking at the door.”1 While the phrase obviously means that someone is knocking at the door, this apostrophe s actually makes the pronoun someone possessive, as in “Someone’s car is blocking the driveway” […]

Should We Refer to Animals as “Who” or “That”?

In a past post, I explored various guidelines for referring to an animal by the gendered pronouns he and she rather than the neutral pronoun it. But what about the relative pronoun who, which generally applies to people? Can you write “The cat who sits on the porch every morning has bright, green eyes”? Or […]

A Brief Overview of Adobe Acrobat’s Spell-Check Tool

Adobe has noticeably improved the editing tools in the most recent versions of Acrobat Pro and Acrobat Standard. The tools feel more fluid and integrated into the user interface than they did in previous versions; and while they aren’t as intuitive as Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, Acrobat’s text comments, highlight comments, and sticky notes (shown […]

Tips for Removing Unwanted Settings in Microsoft Word’s Spelling and Grammar Check

When you inherit a Word document, the original author’s settings can affect the document even when you open it on your own computer. These lingering and potentially unwanted settings may prevent you from receiving a complete spelling and grammar check. Here are four quick tips to help you improve your spelling and grammar check results […]