Why should I hire you to edit or write my business or nonfiction material?
I love editing. I love writing.  I am enthusiastic about both processes. I have bolstered this passion with an extensive formal training, including a Master of Applied Science in information and communications technology, a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Bachelor of Science in technical communication. I also proactively seek continuing education opportunities that help me stay on top of new developments in my field.

Equally important is the fact that I have over eight years of experience working in a variety of fields, which allows me to bring a diverse perspective to your unique subject matter.

Please visit my About Me and Portfolio pages for additional information.

What is your timeline for editing or writing a document?
Some documents are very straightforward, while others are very complex. Once we discuss the depth of your project, I can offer a firm timeline. Please contact me today to talk about your specific needs!

How much do your services cost?
I typically offer a fee range based on the complexity of the project. However, per-hour and flat-rate contracts are available in certain circumstances. Once we have discussed your individual requirements, I will gladly provide a quote. So, let’s start the discussion! Contact me

I already have content, but it needs a little fine-tuning. Do you have any budget-friendly options?
Yes!  My customized copyediting, substantive editing, and proofreading services can help you refurbish existing content.

  • Copyediting identifies grammar issues, punctuation errors, and other problems such as awkward phrasing and inconsistent language. Copyediting may include minor rephrasing or light rewriting.
  • Substantive editing (also called content or line editing) is similar to copyediting but delves more deeply into issues of clarity and style. Substantive editing involves moderate rephrasing at the sentence level or major rewrites of entire paragraphs, sections, or chapters.
  • Proofreading finds grammatical errors, typos, and formatting issues in finished documents. Proofreading is the last round of editing before print or web publication.

Most projects don’t need all three forms of editing. Once we have a chance to discuss your unique situation,  we can tailor an editing package that meets your individual requirements and budget. Contact me